Bogdashin Oleg Nikolaevich was born on October, 28th 1964г in Balakovo the Saratov region. Vocational training has received in Volsky musical school, the Saratov region on a class of a classical guitar. Is the teacher of Balakovsky musical school and ДМШ №1, and also the soloist and the arranger of an estradno-jazz orchestra of the Balakovsky Philharmonic society.
At present it is written more than 120 songs (on verses: Rubalsky, Pelenjagre, Christmas, Gumilev, Stavitsky, Bogdashinoj). More than 150 plays for a guitar solo, большее which number were included in хрестоматию «Alyoshin an album», three suites for a guitar solo «Echoes of autumn», «Back into the past» (dances in ancient style), "Spain". Duets, a trio, for guitars: «the Queen of dance», «Memoirs on Spain», "Royal retinue", a tool suite «Music of fleeces». Ensembles for various structures, vocal products for the mixed chorus, a piano cycle «Musical pictures», music for television programs. The student of the All-Russia competition of composers of A.P.Petrova 2008г St.-Petersburg. The student of IX International competition of composers "Seven notes - six strings" Gomel - 2010. Belarus.
Oleg Bogdashin